Carry a Kate Spade.

So I’ve struggled with the suicide of Kate Spade.


I guess because I’ve never seriously contemplated suicide I felt I shouldn’t say anything out of respect for those who are relating to this tragedy on a deeper level.

But one thing I can’t shake is how she couldn’t realize how much she UNITED women in this society. Do you realize how hard it is to get a whole bunch of damn women to find a common interest and level of respect? I’m not kidding. There have been times when I may have been out and I’ve spotted a female that I'm not particularly fond of. My initial reaction is usually to ignore her or keep conversation at surface level. But then it happens...I SPOT HER KATE SPADE. 

kate spade tiara touche.jpg

My initial thought...

“Damn, now I have to say something! That bag is too nice to disrespect by not complimenting it.”

Usually the responses are something like,

“Thank you. I got it from the outlet. They were having 30% off. I think they are having another big sale this weekend.”

“Ugh. She had a cute bag and she gave me details on discounts, now I’ve got to like her at least a little.” I know this sounds terrible, but it’s so true.

Let me say that I am not a label whore. Most of my designer bags and clothes don’t have the logos on the exterior. If I like an accessory I like it because of the quality not because of the popularity behind the name.


But Kate Spade, I was (am) loyal to that brand. There is something about it that makes us women feel feminine, accomplished, strong, chic, and ready for this world. As superficial as it sounds, when I see a girl with a Kate draped across her, there’s a level of respect there. It’s like we’re apart of a tribe of women trying to leave our mark on this world.

On June 5,2018 we lost the founder because she felt alone. This saddens me, especially knowing how many random conversations and interactions she’s inspired. Now is a damn good time to unite and love our sisters. Check on them. Embrace them. Uplift them. 

This lady wanted us to hold and carry beautiful about one another?