Training for a Walt Disney World Vacation: Mom of Two Edition

Written June 16, 2018


🐭 Got a stroller? Double stroller? Do you know how to fold it up and 20 seconds? While carrying backpacks and bags? Do you know how to maneuver it in tight spaces, around other small kids, old people reading maps? No? You ain’t ready yet...Practice!
Training Activity: Black Friday

🐭Planning on eating? Might want a snack? Popcorn! How much would you pay for said popcorn? $4? $5?...DOUBLE THAT. If you want popcorn be prepared to pay one Alexander Hamilton. Want a small margarita to take the edge off? $12.50. If this seems like “too much”, you ain’t ready yet. Practice!
Training Activity: Go to the movies and order snacks on snacks on snacks.

🐭Looking forward to a relaxing vacation? No worries, no plans, no work? Can’t wait to take it easy and just go with the flow? Wake up slow? No alarms? L.O.L. That’s cute. You ain’t ready yet. Practice!
Training Activity: A full 10 hour work day followed by grocery shopping, followed by tball practice, followed by soccer practice (on the other side of town), followed by making dinner, followed by swimming, followed by baths, followed by bedtime. Get up the next morning at 6AM and repeat for 7 days!

These are just a few training activities to get you thru a jam packed Disney vacay. This shit is no joke. Do not...I repeat DO NOT under estimate the power of “The Happiest Place on Earth.”


I consider myself to be a pro and I’m laying in bed at the resort right now, like...

“Lord, give me strength. I can’t make it much longer. Please guide me thru the next four days for I am feeling exhausted and broke.”

(If y’all don’t believe me just look at my legs, everyday I find another battle wound, I mean bruise.)

I need a vacation from this vacation, and I’m oh so serious.

[This is my 30 ish trip. I really do looooove WDW, but my children are much more mobile this year which in some ways are a blessing and in others a curse.  Mama’s tired y’all!]

I leave you with this, for as diligently as you PLAN a Walt Disney World vacation, make sure you are TRAINING just as hard. Exercise. Get comfortable spending money. Take your children to heavily populated events. And lastly, give yourself a few days after your "vacation" to recuperate. I promise you, you will need it. 

Happy Planning Y'all!