The Disney Aftermath.

Just got back from Disney.


I’m exhausted. It’s been two days and this luggage still hasn’t figured out how to unpack itself...and yes, I do believe that if it sits there long enough the woodland creatures or cast members will magically appear and put things into motion. (Some would say I’m in denial, others would say I’m high on Pixie Dust✨, I’ll just say...I’m still in Fantasyland).


I’m broke. Every year I set a Disney budget and it seems the moment I step on to the Magical Express, that number goes out the window. The experience far outweighs the logic. $39 for the same Mr. Incredible action figure that I saw at Walmart for $15? Suuuurrre! Why not?! It’s Disney!!!


I’m hopeful. With all that’s going on in our country today, Disney World gives me so much hope. To watch my children play with other children from all over the world, and find that they have everything in common, except for how they speak, is encouraging. On this most recent trip, my oldest son met a “new best friend”, Kobe from England. Because of Kobe my son called me “Mum” for a day and I was overjoyed. 🤣 When we took our first trip, my youngest son was 6 months old and I vividly remember him being fascinated with another baby who just so happened to be from China. The child’s mother didn’t speak a lick of English but our babies coo’d for one another and longed to play, so we let them. Two over heated and exhausted mothers sat side by side on a resort playground with an understanding and respect for one another that was far bigger than language. Beautiful.❤️


I’m blessed. The average life expectancy of a male is 79 years. Of those 79 years I get 18 summers (God willing) with my little boys. I intend to make them the best and create childhood experiences that turn into memories that will last them a lifetime. Disney makes this easy. For a few days out of the year, my sons don’t ask for their tablets, or to play games on my phone, or argue with me about turning the TV off. For a few days, they give into their little imaginations and run with it. Because of Disney I’ve heard, “Hey! Let’s pretend...”, “Mom! Do you remember when Tinkerbell flew in the sky? That was so cool!”....and my favorite? I walked in on my oldest singing to my little one after he had a scary fall...”Come stop your crying. It’ll be alright. Just take my hand. Hold it tight. I will protect you. From all around you. I will be here. Don’t you cry.”😭


So as much as I want to gripe, for as hard as it is readjusting when you return home, for every dime I spent that was over my budget...It is so worth it.

I’m sure I’ll lie to myself in months to come, 
“Oh, I think we’re going to take a Disney break for a couple of years.”

But from the mouth of our favorite mouse,

“Disney World, I’ll SEE YA REAL SOON!”