The Year of the "Girl Boss"


A Wedding Planner, a Media Buyer, an ER Nurse, a Project Coordinator, and a Corporate Event Planner walk into a Mexican restaurant for dinner...

If you think this is the start of a bad joke, you're wrong. This is a typical girls night out for myself and several of my friends. One Thursday night back in April, the five us out cleared out our calendars and FINALLY had dinner. Although our group text game is strong, we're usually only able to all get together about twice a year. Between the five of us we have seven children, husbands, ex husbands, school, careers, and an abundance of extra girl time doesn't come easily. 

As we began inhaling massive amounts of chips and salsa and flushing them down with margaritas that were easily 80% tequila, conversation started naturally just as it always does. We caught each other up on our lives,  pulled out our phones for a little bit of social media gossip, and eventually told stories so foul, the dirtiest of men would blush.

Imagine "Sex and the City" meets 18 year old college frat boys. That's us when we're together.

As dinner progressed and the margarita pitchers diminished, we began digging deeper into our goals, thoughts, and dreams.

My friends obviously know that I am a business owner, hell I actually coordinated one of their weddings last year. They are supportive and they understand that my biggest goal is to retire from corporate America and become a full time entrepreneur. They know that becoming a full time "Girl Boss" is IT for me and I will not stop until I get there.

As conversation evolved, I listened to them talk about their careers. The nurse who works long thankless hours in the ER. (I seriously couldn't stomach half of what she deals with on a weekly basis.)  The project coordinator who works for a construction company ANNNND is in school working towards a degree so that she is able to move up in a field that is dominated mostly by men. The corporate event planner who works for one of the biggest vodka companies in the world, while raising three beautiful kids under the age of 4. And lastly, my sweet friend who left the same corporate job that I have to chase her passion in the advertising world.

Listening to them speak about their careers and their goals, flipped a switch in me. THESE WOMEN ARE THE DEFINITION OF GIRL BOSSES. Every time I hear that term, I usually associate it with women who work for themselves, but what is more BOSS than women who are not only dominating their careers but who also genuinely LOVE what they are doing?

In this new age of social media enthusiasts, bloggers, MLMers, it's easy to associate these women with the stigma that's built around the term "Girl Boss". But what about the other women who are rising to the top and enjoying every moment of their ride? The doctors. The teachers. The bankers. The women working the 9-5's and killing it'. Without them who would teach our children? Who would heal us when we're sick? Who would guide us financially?

And then how about this, what about the women whose “dream job" is to stay home and raise her kids. I think we can all agree that being home with children all day every day, is no walk in the park. I did it for four months and just about lost my mind. I tapped out and took my ass back to work just four weeks after giving  birth to my second son.

I often think of my boss at my corporate job. She doesn't own the company. She doesn't work her own hours. She's just a corporate America slave, right? Wrong. She is amazing at what she does, so full of knowledge, and without her my team would sink. And more important than knowing her craft inside and out, she is an excellent leader. I've always been blessed with great bosses but this one, she takes the cake. Intelligent, witty, caring, stern when she needs to be... #GIRLBOSSAF

When I started this blog, I wanted to be able to use this space as a platform to discuss things that may often be considered an unpopular opinion. With that I say this, if the corporate 9-5 is not for you, THAT IS OKAY. If you have a desk job that you find fulfilling, YASSS HUNNY! And if you are a stay at home mom and you are living your "American Dream", BEAUTIFUL.

BUT, if you are in a situation and you feel under stimulated, you're lacking passion, or if you just feel like you are meant to do more or different than what you are currently doing....change. You are the author of your story and your life....edit often.

Life is entirely too short to wake up every day tired and uninspired. Figure out what is that lights your soul on fire and find a way to profit (whether it be financially or mentally). YOU CAN DO IT.

And lastly....this..

Girl Boss: A woman who is in consistent pursuit of growth and knowledge, and who is unapologetically passionate about the life that she lives. 


Times are a changin and women are more ambitious than ever!

Let's Do The Damn Thing, Y'all!